Teacher Leaders:

4th grade:

  • Lauri Dahlin (Peabody School) –  ldahlin@peabodycharter.org
  • Hortencia Garcia (Roosevelt School) –  hortenciagarcia@gmail.com
  • Christina Mavaro (McKinley School) – cmavaro@sbsdk12.org
  • Kathleen Tomscha (Canalino School) –  ktomscha@cusd.net

5th grade:

  • Christine Lindblad (Peabody School) –  clindblad@peabodycharter.org
  • Claire Poissonniez (Peabody School) –  cpoissonniez@peabodycharter.org
  • Vanessa Scarlett (Montecito Union) with assistance from Lani –  vscarlett8@yahoo.com
  • Lani Gregory-Browne (Roosevelt School)
  • Brendan Carroll (Franklin School)
  • Jamie Persoon (Canalino School)

6th grade:

  • Summer Bray (Harding School) –  sbray@cusd.net
  • Meagan Callahan (Peabody School) –  meagcal@gmail.com
  • Kim Castagna (Carpinteria Middle School) –  kcastagna@cusd.net
  • Jennifer Foster (Carpinteria Middle School) –  jfoster@cusd.net
  • Jean Rogers-O’Reilly (Cleveland School)
  • Tracy Schifferns (McKinley School) with assistance from Barbara Barr (Roosevelt School) –  tschifferns@sbsdk12.org
  1. Katie.Bartling Reply

    I am trying to figure out what a push box is and I am not finding directions for it. Please help. Trying to teach this on Thursday.

    • sbsciencematters Reply

      What Grade Level and what lesson are you referring to regarding the “push box”. Thanks

    • sbsciencematters Reply

      Hi Kaite, I found more information about the “push boxes”. the push boxes are squeeze boxes. they can order them at di-mac.com. The Push Boxes are now included as a PDF in that lesson 5.8WaterCycleGame.zip You can download it here… http://sbsciencematters.com/5th/earth/5.8WaterCycleGame.zip

  2. Brenna Clarke Reply

    I am trying to find R3+ for the Water Cycle Game. Can you point me in the right direction?


  3. Melissa Reply

    I enjoyed your workshop in Palm Springs very much! I am trying to download lesson 6.1, the forms of energy but the link is not working. Can you help me?

  4. rob Reply

    My 4th and 5th grade colleagues love this curriculum. I teach third grade and am looking for something comparable. Any suggestions?



    • sbsciencematters Reply

      Unfortunately our funding was only for 4th – 6th and we are not aware of anything comparable either.

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